Ajinomoto ( monosodiumglutamate product,Japanese brand )

The movie has shown the story about Thai culture that's charming,cute,and sincere.

I think 99% of tradition around the world,when we meet people, we always say " Hello" "Hi what have you been ?".But for Thai culture,instead of saying Hi,Thai people always say "Hi how are you? Have you eaten yet? Are you hungry? Let's go eat?

when someone feel gloomy,feel down,heart broken, Thai friendship and encouraging would be shown by saying 'Are you ok ? Did you eat ? Eat some ! '

Thai culture has an cute idiom say "An army marches on its stomach" Hope you can imagine about this movie.It seems Thai tradition is so thoughtful and care about people whom they talk to.And Thai food is super yumm !

Title ; Are you hungry ?

Client ; Ajinomoto Thailand

Set ; on locationTvc. 60 sec.

Production house ; Goodboyz co.,ltd

We created many designed set on many situations . (School , Thai SomTam(papaya salad) vender , Grand parent home , Thai boxing camp , Wedding party at hotel ,student disappionted the result of university attention )

Mood and tone ; Warming Thai contemporary life style, Thai culture