Hello and Welcome to my website! 

My name is Rega,the founder of artproductionhouse.com
I'm an enthusiastic independent artist and photographer (also a kitty lover :) I'm obsessed with working on illustration,doodles,surface patterns,stationery design,outdoor photography and creating visual concept with still life through the lens and light sources.

When I was art student,my work was conceptual and installation arts on mixed media,sound,and vdo.
I have many years experience working behind the scenes on numerous commercial movie productions for Thailand,Japan,China,South Korea,Vietnam,India,Indonesia, and France.

My art career background started by working on commercial movies,behind the fantastic scenes on tv.,art direction,set design,manage the budget for art productions,included create beautiful scenes in variety of style.I was an art director for small project for example the modern minimalist and kiddo movies.I was happy to work on not only small or big productions,yet I had a film crew available to assist in the filming process.My life was so thrilled,fun,night owl and early bird.

It's about time let me leave my commercial films career and moved across the ocean,to explore the world and to find some new inspirations.I love learning new things and I'm not stop my creative thinker spirit.I found myself I'm in love with hand drawn illustration,surface patterns,stationery and photography.I so much joy my life in the present and spend time working on what I love.

Artproductionhouse is the place where I would love to share my passions,my art,design and photography I have poured with love,effort and creativity soul.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and feel free for any question about my works,comment or just making  friends and collaborations very welcome as well. 

Email : regafilm@gmail.com

Education: B.F.A. in Fine Arts,Painting and Sculpture from CMU.
                  Diploma in Fine Arts from The College of Finearts

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