First choice ; 3.Street Vendor, Umay Plus ( Cash credit card )

Product Client;      Umay Plus Cash Credit Card

Production house; Phenomena co.,ltd 

Set on location ;    Steets in Bangkok downtown

Style ;                    Thai Comedy Reality show

Title ;                     1.Sunglasses  2.Washing Machine  3.Street Vendor

The vdo. shows you funny 3 stories for one campaign "Why you have to be in debt ?" This's the thrid behind the scene of "Street Vendor" story

The story about two girls,street vendor sellers needed to loan some money for her own business which is the decent store.Because vendor sellers who sell anything on pedestal in Bangkok is definitely illegal !! If you go to Bangkok,you maybe lucky seeing the police chases the street vendors and try to put them in jail.

Of course ! they needed to be in debt for their decent business !

Our Film Director here, He got the world best commercial film director for internation awards.