Genie teenie Cologn sprey Product

I remembered it was so much fun to create the Genie teenie Cologn sprey when the product client and agency would like to see the Baby Doll House in human scale lol

This commercial movie was set liked the baby doll house in a beautiful house in Bangkok.The cabinets were built by construction and rented them from Jatujak Market and etc.

The wallpaper's installed on the wooden wall by construction handmade in front of the real cement wall because we didn't want to hurt the real wall by install the wallpaper for movie scene lol that meant cost a lot of money if the house was destroyed by film crews.

It's story about teen girls birthday party.They baked and cooked and had fun in the kitchen in baby doll house.A girl who had her birthday party was so excited to invite a teen boy (who's handsome and looked like hero for them lol ) to join her party. 

Before the boy came,they wanted to do something to be impressed.So they used Genie Teenie Cologn Sprey put on their bodies before he came.Yeah finally it's Happy Ending lol  The boy was so impressed and fun greetings by his girl friends.

Product Client ; Genie teenie Cologn sprey

Set ;                   on locations

Style ;                modern vintage,baby doll house

Credit by

Credit ADintrend