Nevia ; DEO White Cell Repair , Roll on.

It's story about city girls who are sisters.They always make their life spontanous and get ready for all the girl's activities should be done in a day.

In the movie,they were shopping,trying on the new cocktail dresses for the night party.When she saw her friends across the street in very hot weather,she didn't hesitate to lift her arms up to say hi because she was so self confident about her armpit that was so clean and smooth skin after using Nevia Rollon everyday.

A handsome man drove by her while she was lifting her hands up to her friends across the street and saw how she's happy,self confident and trendy girl.He was so impressed.(This scene we needed to changed the films to seethrough window so we could see the man in car easily.We paid for the car rent and after we took off the dark film.We had to responsibility for the cost of dark film to set new one for car's owner.)

At night party,the girl danced and so happy with her friends ! Agian because of her roll on helped her super confident ! She didn't see that a handsome man joined to night party too ! So small world ! They talked,danced and so on ... I knew this story was happy ending..

We created many scenes of this movie.You can see the modern vintage store that the girls was shopping,street with handsome man car,chic roof top bar party,on many locations.Modern vintage bedroom and bathroom in studio that we shoot the main product;rollon.

On the movies we needed 2 girls who have same sizes and shapes for being stand-in for the actresses during the lenghty process of setting up because of hot weather on location and time consuming for light and camera setting.

The color scheme of this movie,of course blue because Nevia logo is blue.

Product ; Nevia Deo White Cell Repair

Title ;      Ready to wear

Production House; Macho Mango Co.,Ltd.

Style ;      Modern,Chic and Vintage

Setting ;   Shopping Mall, Car Park, Roof Top Party, Bathroom, Bedroom,

                Vintage Women Clothes&Accessories,