First choice ; 2.Washing Machine, Umay Plus ( Cash credit card )

Product Client; Umay Plus Cash Credit Card

Production house; Phenomena co.,ltd

Set on location ; Steets in Bangkok downtown

Style ; Thai Comedy Reality show

Title ; 1.Sunglasses 2.Washing Machine 3.Street Vendor
The vdo. shows you funny 3 stories for one campaign "Why you have to be in debt ?" This's the second behind the scene of "Washing Machine" story board.

It's story about a Thai middle class couple walks in to applience store.The husband just wanted to window shopping but his wife was into new washer machine.Wife talked to her hubby so sweet 'Deer, our washing maching is so chabby, we need new one' Her husband didn't want to spend money lol he said "We don't need to be in debt because chabby washing machine"

You can see his wife acted after her hubby said.Finally,he didn't want to get in the trouble with his wife lol so Umay Plus credit card really helped him!!

Key Visaul