Toshiba ; Everything is Curve

Curve,modern and sexy is the main idea for Toshiba (Japanese Brand) client.The client wanted to see everything is curve in the movie.Discussions took place as to where to shoot.This was actually quite not easy as the set,props,mockups would be built for curvy shapes construction and all those stuffs in the movie.So we needed to shooting on studio.

It was a big under pressure project from deadline that we had not only a week to make all the curve stuff happened!!, but all suppliers were pain in their butts with our work too. Especially the briefcase,the supplier man who always works only the intricate work for his own reputation more over 50 years lol The Glassblower has the pressure with the curvy wine bottle and glasses and deadline as well because of unusual shape.

These were not included the pressure with low budget.But eventually the movie's done very well when it's onair on tv.

Product Client; Toshiba Curve Fridge

Title;                Everything is Curve

Set;                  Modern Kitchen,Living Room, on studio

Mockups;         Fish Tank,Coffee Table,main actor's briefcase,wine bottle,

                        wine glasses,ceiling lamps,